I hadn’t actually realised that I’d had this blog for what must be a good couple of years now and have never actually written my about page, which is a little silly, though not at all unlike me.

I’m a database programmer by trade (any more detail than that usually ends up with some kind of reference to Chandler from Friends) but outside of those binary walls I have a number of hobbies I am exceedingly good at neglecting. They include photography, playing the guitar, mixology, reading and watching primarily Sci-Fi and Fantasy, gaming (PS3), rummaging around markets & car boots with my better half, the wonderful Emily over at Under A Glass Sky and going for walks with our hounds Cooper (full name: Special Agent Doggy Cooper) and Digby (full name: Sir Digby Longington, Duke of Bassetshire)

Mostly I blog to vent a whole load of bile on particular subjects, though I am now aiming to get a little more enjoyment out of blogging and perhaps even a positive note or two. Don’t expect too much though!

That’ll do for now I think!


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