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As I’m not a hugely active person, physically speaking (though walking the dogs is definitely getting me out and about more!), I tend to focus more on mental relaxation, and I generally do this in two ways.

The first is to read in bed. Currently I am reading the latest in the Song of Ice and Fire series, more commonly known as A Game of Thrones.

The other way I like to relax is to play playstation and kill things (in entirely fictional scenarios in the games!), or at least enjoy an escape from reality which fairly often requires the killing of things due to the games I like to play.

I guess you could say they are both an escape from reality come to think of it, so it’s a way of disassociating myself from everything which relaxes me. Of course both of these activities are also fairly sedentary so if I happen to be physically tired then they’re both good options too!

In fact as soon as I’ve published this I’m going to do a bit of reading before sleep!