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I have several hobbies that I am superb at neglecting. I don’t know how or why I seem to never find or make time to do them but I guess I’ve just gotten out of the habit.

The hobby I most regret getting out of the habit of is playing my guitar. I feel like I’ve forgotten half of the songs I used to play, and by now my technique will be lacking somewhat compared to when I was at my best. I suppose it’s come with a bit of a change of preference for style though. I actually learnt electric guitar but now my interest lies much more in acoustic fingerstyle, so I guess I’m putting myself off by thinking of myself as a beginner again! That said I should definitely pick up my guitar and just play more often.

The hobby I would most like to work on though is my photography. I would really like to start learning more about the theory and technical sides of things, and really get the hang of apertures, shutter speeds and what works best in what conditions etc. so I can really start to move away from the auto function and start experimenting and getting some different shots. Of course this comes with practice and effort, which are two things I have neglected to put into my photography for far too long. I am part of the local camera club though which I enjoy, and hopefully it’ll get me using my camera more and I’ll learn lots!

Finally the hobby I would most like to take up is probably the piano. I would love to be able to play the piano, if only so that I can play this…