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A nice quick one this time so I’ll post you a quick picture and get on to the next post!

Here is where I work:


As you may be able to tell, not only do I work from home… But I don’t have the most tidy of work spaces. I function best with everything in front of me, rather than filed away neatly. Once something is filed away it is never seen again so I tend to just work in terms of piles and clutter! And yes, my laptop and monitor are indeed sat on top of cardboard boxes. Have you seen how expensive these laptop and monitor stands are?! And frankly I’m not convinced any of them are high enough! What I’ve got right now is just right I’ll have you know!

Every now and then I’ll have a clear out, but it doesn’t usually take long to get back to this. I’ll tell you what though, you don’t really appreciate office cleaners until you don’t have one! Which reminds me, I really need to clean my desk…