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So I appear to be about a week behind on this blog every day thing which isn’t ideal! And now I’m not even doing them in order!

Well the reason for this is that the next post I need to catch up on is ‘something different’ and I sort of feel like that’s something I can’t really write whilst sat in bed, since that is most often how I blog anyway! So if I’m truly going to try to do something different I don’t think I can write that one right now!

So it’s on to Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day is one of the few times a year I feel pride toward my nationality. I’m not terribly patriotic in common terms, in that I certainly do not love ‘Queen and country’, but thinking about it perhaps I am more patriotic in ways that I’d like to think are more fundamentally British, however that’s not really what I wanted to discuss.

When I think about the dates that we mark, for me Remembrance Day is one of the most important days in the calendar. It’s not based on religion, or some arbitrary cycle of days, but something heartbreakingly real and human. The silence almost always brings a tear to my eye, because when I think about what it represents I am utterly overwhelmed.

I don’t really want to write much more than that because I believe Remembrance Day is better marked by quiet reflection, which I think our blunt, constrained language is ill equipped to express adequately.