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I have a very up and down relationship with blogging due to the fact that I am always doubting and second guessing myself. When it’s up, I don’t really think about readership, how many views , favourites or comments I get, which I’m sure is how it should be. Instead I just write what I want to write about whatever I want to write about purely for the enjoyment of writing it. However when it’s down I’ll go for months without posting a thing because I’ll never think anything is worth blogging, and when I do consider something it tell myself no one would be interested in reading it. I imagine this is much the same for almost every blogger out there. I know for a fact that lots of people hate blog posts about never posting, and vows to post more often etc. etc. etc. which I am utterly guilty of doing on more than one occasion!

I suppose that’s what I dislike about blogging. When I forget to blog for anyone but myself. When I do remember though, and have what I feel is a good idea, I love writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing so when I feel I’ve had a creative idea and can flow with it, I really do love it… Even if I’m the only one who really reads and enjoys it, on those occasions it’s the actual process of writing that I enjoy most.

To be honest I can’t really see my blogging habits changing all that much though. Part of me would love to sit down every day and really get my teeth into writing something, but I never seem to find the time and often struggle for inspiration. I think for the foreseeable future I’ll probably continue to post haphazardly about this and that… But I figure that’s ok. Anyway, I have too many other hobbies to neglect!