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I’ll be completely honest and tell you that this evening has not gone to plan at all and I am in fact already in bed (it’s 8pm) due to not really knowing what to do with myself after a pretty stressful event earlier. So I am not really in the mood for blogging much, or at least attempting to be creative with this evening’s brief. That said I am still awake so I thought I may as well blog something… So I’m going to go for the easy option of listing a few of my food loves and hates.

Food loves

  • Ice cream – what’s not to love?
  • Cheesecake – again, what’s not to love?
  • Pomegranates – so much effort but there’s nothing quite like them! *smacks lips together*
  • Cheese – it’s cheese…
  • Okonomiyaki – A Japanese dish I first tried in Osaka and fell in love with. And can I get it anywhere in this sodding country? Can I balls. Yes I know Wasabi sell it, but having tried and failed to get one from them on no fewer than 3 occasions, I refuse to ever go into another branch again!

  • Food hates

  • Beetroot – at some point I formed an association with this taste whilst travelling and having to eat a few cold curries at 2am. I could never put my finger on what I was tasting that I didn’t like so much, until I had been home for a while and had some beetroot. It all came flooding back along with a distinctly awful feeling. Horrible horrible stuff.
  • Celery/Celeriac – I find it has a nasty acidic, raw chemical type taste. Bleugh. And did you know celery has negative calories? That’s right, it takes more energy to eat it that it provides! Even more so if you’re screwing your face up like you’re having to eat a damn battery like I do.
  • Mushroom – Not a fan, though I am trying to get used to having them in meals such as pasta and chilli etc. so that Ems can enjoy them as she loves them. I’m not a fan of the texture more than anything else, but at least I’m working on it! I also dislike mushrooms on principle because they are the lazy chef’s go to item for vegetarian options. The number of times I see the only veg options on a menu that aren’t salad are mushroom based is way too high and you know what?! PLENTY of people don’t like mushrooms!
  • Chard – a recent discovery as we’ve had it in our fortnightly veg box several times now. I find it has an overly bitter taste that just doesn’t go with anything. It’s like it’s trying way too hard. No more thanks.
  • Baby sweetcorn – what the hell is it with these things?! I love sweetcorn, but this isn’t even remotely similar in taste. You know what it does taste like though? Crap. Hard, crunchy crap. Pointless bloody things.

  • So there you go! How about you? Any of my loves you hate or vice versa? If so, remind me not to come for dinner ;o)