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I decided to view today’s brief from a different angle, which is in fact what I’m hoping this post will encourage you to do from time to time… If it turns out any good anyway!

Today’s title is ‘Light’ and what I’d like to do is actually talk about how its absence, namely darkness and shadows can often be overlooked, which is a shame. I often find that some of the most interesting images are created when you consider what is not present and how a pattern can gain whole new depths when you consider the spaces, light or dark between the shapes. Similarly images with only a little light can be far more effective in portraying a particular idea or mood, than a well lit scene. Shadows can take on a life of their own or create patterns you never knew were there, just waiting for the right moment!

Below are just a couple of examples of photos I’ve taken in dark places in which I’ve tried to make the lack of light work for me…



Bird At Sunset - Agra

Sunset Pagoda

Low light photography is actually something I’d really like to get more experience in, and long exposure photography even more so. Check out some of these amazing shots from some photographers who clearly know what they’re doing! (Images should link to Flickr pages)…

Golden Gate & Full Moon, Panorama

glowing wheel

Super S.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these, and do let me know if you’re into this stuff and have any tips and tricks!