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Hey, hope your weekend is going well! We’ve had a nice day of dog walking, traipsing around town and eating nice food! But before it gets too late again I thought I’d at least make a start on this post!

So… Something I’ve made…

To be honest I don’t do a lot of the making in this house. Ems is far more creative and talented than I am in such things so really this would be a great post for her, if only she were doing it! There are a few joint projects we’ve completed which I could post about, such as the dresser I bought off eBay for £60 odd which we transformed into the lovely thing it is today, but Ems has already posted about that really!

Then I considered doing a post about the sloe gin we love to make every year, but Ems has done that as well!

So that leaves me with one or two things and thankfully one of them is nice and easy… Because I’ve already posted about it! I know, I know… It’s sort of like cheating… Ok it is cheating, but we’re all friends here! You won’t mind I’m sure! Right?! Especially when you see what it is…

And so I give you, my very own invention: The Lemongrass Martini!

See! Not only am I telling you about something I made, but I’m sharing it too! How very generous! Enjoy!