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Hi, I hope your Monday has been noteworthy! I thought I’d try to get a quick blog in before bed to let you know of our evening venture!

This evening Ems and I headed to Letchworth to try our hand at a Jive/Swing/Lindyhop dance class! It’s a style of dance I’ve always loved but never really thought to get into until we discussed it a few months ago. We would have gone sooner, but I’ve had some trouble with my knee which I hurt running a few of weeks ago. Anyway thankfully it was fine and we had a great time!

So how is this a Monday Memory? I hear you ask! Well taking up a new dance class reminded me of when I lived in Loughborough for a couple of years, and it was probably around this time in 2007 that I went to my first Salsa class! I went with my neighbour Lesley who ended up not enjoying it and never going back… But I enjoyed it and quite unlike me in some ways, I carried on!

I mostly did it for the exercise and social aspect as I lived there alone and didn’t really have a local group of friends, most of them being in Nottingham. It gave me something to do once a week which made a welcome change to TV and games, but I ended up getting into it more and more and soon enough I moved on from the beginner class to the intermediate. 

Thinking about it now I suppose it was quite silly of me not to think to look into classes for a dance I would probably have preferred, such as Lindyhop, but I absolutely have no regrets and it’s one of the many reasons I have such incredibly fond memories of my life in Loughborough. I’m also quite proud of how far I progressed with it in the time I took part as I’m quite an introvert and generally hate being the centre of attention etc. I feel like it strengthened my confidence further and improved my social skills, as well as being the best kind of exercise: fun!

I have to say, for anyone who has always had any kind of interest in dancing but has always shied away from taking it up, I highly recommend you take a look at what classes are in your area and give it a try! Even if its a style that might not be your first choice, I would be surprised it you don’t enjoy it (barring any unlikely yet extreme personality clashes with teachers or whatever!) and of course there are so many benefits to dancing it really is a win win situation. 

So, are you a dancer? If so what dances do you do? If not, what would you love to do, and why aren’t you doing it?! 😉