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I think it’s clear to anyone who reads my blog that I was at my best during the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I’ve tried to keep up the posting and have had a number of days where I’ve felt like writing but was unable to think of anything to write about! This week though I thought of a way to hopefully get me to write more often, and that is to provide myself with some prompts.

I get the impression it’s a fairly common technique to blog certain things on certain days and I know Ems has a few of her favourites such as ‘Wednesday Wants’ which is great, so I thought why not join in? As ever I’ve tried to come up with things that are a little different (no idea whether I’ve succeeded!) and that would be a clear enough prompt without restricting me too much (as I’ve done to myself in the past) so here are my ideas…

  • Monday MemoriesA trip down memory lane, perhaps triggered by something that’s happened, or a few pages from my travel journals… Whatever takes my fancy!
  • Too Cool TuesdayI may have just discovered something I think is too cool not to share. It could be a product, or just an idea. I’ll let you know!
  • WTF WednesdayTo balance out Tuesdays, I may share with you things that have just made me ask: What The Fuck?!
  • Thor’s DayThe origin of the word Thursday, in which I’ll pick my word of the week and look into the etymology!
  • Fun Fact FridayI shall attempt to regale you with interesting facts I very much hope are true!
  • Scenic SaturdayMy chance to share some images with you, perhaps of where I’ve been or what I’ve done recently, or not so recently!
  • Supposition SundayEver wondered ‘What if…?’ Me too, so I thought it might be fun to write about once in a while!

  • I should make it clear from the start that I have no intention of posting under all of these prompts every week! They’re really just the to give me things to think about, and for when the urge to blog strikes me I can at least have a guiding star if I can’t think of anything specific at the time! I’ll certainly hope to at least blog weekly with these to help me! I just have to hope now that the posts I write don’t take as long to think of as these prompts did!

    Looking forward to it!