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Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Well that didn’t go all so well did it?! There I was blogging every day in May… saying I was going to keep blogging, and here I am a month later having posted precisely diddley squat! In my defence it has been a busy month with work, my birthday, going away for a week, having a week off, Ems’ birthday and the wedding of friends, then getting back to work! Yes I could have blogged… but I’ve been getting back into my all time favourite game Final Fantasy VII so I’ve been playing that in my spare time and not dedicating the time at the end of the night to blogging that I did during May.

Here I am though, back at last as I’ve been meaning to post about my birthday and the wonderful day I had and presents I received!

I was up and out early to walk the dogs with Ems, my mum and her two hoggles, then it was back home for a nice breakfast of pancakes! Now the less said about Emily’s attempt to cook them for me the better, so we move swiftly on to the opening of the presents!

I’d bought myself a few of presents from the fabulous people at Master of Malt which included a bottle of Rye for making Manhattans, Midori in case we ever get a summer (try it with Lemonade for a ridiculously refreshing drink!), Elijah Craig: a seriously superb Bourbon, a couple of bitters (Orange for Old Fashioneds etc. and Frankincense because it’s going to be amazing!) and a genuine bottle of Lillet with which I had vowed I would make myself a Vesper for my birthday!

Birthday Booze!

The two bottles front and centre there are Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s fabulous concoctions: Bathtub Gin; by far the best gin I have ever had and my present from mum, and Summer Fruit Cup, which I was actually buying Emily for her birthday!

The Best Gin Ever

The Best Gin Ever

Next up from Coops and Digs, a fantastic milk steaming jug and thermometer for use with our new coffee machine! Also for use with the machine, Emily had bought and hand painted me a set of espresso cups with my favourite design, her wonderful Capybaras!

Fancy a Capyccino?!

Fancy a Capyccino?!

My main present however was totally unexpected and as usual Ems had outdone herself and put every gift I’ve ever gotten her to shame… an Archery Course!

Archery Course! (Spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake…)

I’ve always loved archery and cannot wait to do this course, which starts in September. Ems has booked herself on to it too so we are both very excited! Thank you so much Emily!

After that I don’t think we did a whole lot during the day, though I’m sure we spent a while perusing the antiques market and I probably sat around playing games, before heading to our favourite local pub (for us friendly food) The Plume of Feathers where we each had the immense Rodeo Burger:

Sooo goood...

Sooo goood…

Then it was back home for an enjoyable evening and of course the Versper I’d promised myself (and Ems)!

Makes a damn good drink!

Makes a damn good drink!