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Well here it is! My final post for the Blog Every Day in May challenge! I think I did pretty well as there were only a coupe of days I didn’t blog anything at all, and this post will mean I’ve managed to complete every brief provided by Elizabeth over at Rosalilium who was wonderful enough to organise the whole thing in the first place!

I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and am really pleased that it’s gotten me blogging more as I’ve always enjoyed writing (what am I going to do after tonight with no one to tell me what to write about though?!) It’s given me some interesting things to think about but mostly it’s helped me to realise that not every blog post has to be an award winning piece of journalism for it to be good and more importantly fun and worth reading! I suppose it’s helped me to embrace the more communal, fun side of blogging which is definitely a good thing.

I think the only thing I really regret about the challenge is that I couldn’t dedicate even more time to some of my posts. Not that I think I didn’t do them justice or anything like that, but I think there were one or two I might have liked to have perhaps been a bit more imaginative with… However that train of thought leads right back to the whole taking it too seriously problem I have, so perhaps there is something to be said for not over-thinking things and just writing for fun etc.!

Ah, in fact I do have another regret and this is somewhat of a confession too. I have not read nearly as many posts by others taking part in BEDM as I had planned. I really don’t know where you guys get all this time to read so many blogs! I am definitely going to try to go over a few though so you may see me popping up from time to time!

Anyway a big thank you once again to Elizabeth at Rosalilium and the next you hear from me I guess I shall have to think of something myself! The stabilisers are off! Wish me luck!