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I don’t think this is going to be a very long post as I can’t think of any advice I’ve been given that’s been so bad as to be particularly memorable. In fact I don’t feel as though I get given advice very often at all which makes me wonder whether I’m someone who comes across as though they won’t accept it or something?! I have no idea… I’m probably over thinking the term and relating it to life-changing sage-like one liners like “You should try saying ‘Yes’ more”…

What I will say however is this: the worst advice I probably ever received was from myself, telling me not to listen to myself.

By that I essentially mean that I allowed self doubt to interfere with a decision and instead of going with my gut, ended up second guessing myself and being worse off as a result. I guess you could put it another way and say that I relied on advice too much, instead of following my instincts. Which I think is something interesting to think about!

I’d like to finish by giving a little piece of advice I’ve always liked however and it is this: Look up more. You’ll be surprised at what you’re missing.