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I’ve developed this little ritual over the past few months and I must say it’s so fully integrated into my routine I hardly even think about it any more. I hadn’t expected this would become quite the ritual it has, but sometimes you’re just not in control of these things really are you?!

My ritual begins when Ems’ alarm goes off (it’s set to go off about 20 minutes before mine because she needs longer to wake up than I do…………….) at which point I roll over and steadfastly refuse to get up until my own alarm goes off. Once that happens I head to the bathroom before beginning my ritual thusly…

First, I don a pair of boxer shorts, followed by a pair of trainer socks which in turn is followed by a pair of regular socks. Once the underwear is sorted I pull a thermal base layer over my head, put on my jeans and make sure the top is nicely tucked in. After that I will slide my feet into a pair of slippers and put on a shirt, which is immediately followed by a jumper. Then and only then will I slip my arms through the sleeves of a fleece and, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll follow that up with a dressing gown.

Now don’t go thinking that’s it because I’m not finished there! Oh no!

The final step to my little ritual is to open the curtains, take a look outside and mutter the words “Fucking weather!”