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Hello and welcome to the new look ‘Unfamiliar Ceiling’! I was getting a bit tired of the old theme and wanted something a little fresher and brighter so I hope you like it!

I’m planning to try to organise my blog a little more now that I’m actually blogging (fingers crossed for me to be able to keep this up once the Blog Every Day in May challenge is over!) so I’m going to try to learn how to work all the buttons and make sure there’s interesting and relevant stuff over on the side bar there… Plus hopefully I’ll get more involved in the whole blogging community thing which will be nice!i I’m still pretty clueless about all this though, which is a bit embarrassing given I’m a programmer by trade. You’d think it’d take me no time to get my head round this stuff! Anyway we’ll see how it goes!

Please feel free to comment with any suggestions for good widgets etc. or any tips you might have! Ta!