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I suppose this is something I do sometimes think about, just not in terms of it being a dinner party! I guess the old ‘who would you most like to meet?’ or ‘ if you could travel back in time when would you go to or who would you see?’ are just the same questions really. My problem is however choosing, as it is something I’m not terribly good at really… So I think I had better just make a list and go with it otherwise I will take forever to finish this post!

I have gone with Emily’s expert suggestion of 12 people for a dinner party, though I’ve just realised one of them has to be me so that’s one more name off the list! Still I am happy with the list I have, and think it would make for an interesting party! Obviously as this is a fantasy dinner party, the issues around language and being dead etc. should be ignored…

I guess you could split my guest list into two unequal categories: Those I think I could genuinely be friends with, and those I would simply love to just sit and listen to them tell of all their experiences, stories and theories.

In the first group we have:

  • Derren Brown, whom as I’ve said before I would love to meet and would find genuinely fascinating to talk to.
  • Charlie Brooker, with whom I think I share a very similar world view, and would have great fun putting the world to rights.
  • Louis Theroux, whom I think of as a very interesting and amiable person who has had some great experiences and is one of those people who gets on with everyone.

  • In the second group you would find:

  • Charles Dickens, author of my favourite book, and whom I would love to hear speak of the inspirations for his characters and stories.
  • Nikola Tesla, the greatest geek who ever lived
  • Leonardo da Vinci, all round off the scale genius
  • Albert Einstein, all round genius
  • Captain James Cook, discoverer and adventurer!
  • Sir David Attenborough, whom I feel I could almost call a second father as so much of my life has been spent watching BBC wildlife documentaries either featuring or narrated by him
  • Charles Darwin, whom I admire for being such an important part of putting forth his theory of what we now know as Evolution, and to hear of his experiences aboard The Beagle
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest prodigies in history
  • And there you have it. I like to think that little group could while away an evening!