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We’ve been shopping recently so our fridge has quite a few things in it, but I’m not going to bore you with a comprehensive list so I’ll instead give you a list of what I consider fairly essential fridge items and why I think they are essential…

  • Organic Milk – For tea, coffee, cereal etc. no breakfast is compete without milk. I go for semi-skimmed because as far as I’m concerned skimmed milk is just water with white in it.
  • Organic Salted Butter – For bread, toast, crumpets etc. Eating bread without butter is, to me, like breathing air without oxygen. Years ago I used to get olive oil based spreads but I reached the conclusion that a) NOTHING comes close to real butter, b) For the amount I eat, life is way too short not to have real butter and c) In moderation it’s probably far healthier than all the shit they put into that other stuff because its all organic and natural.
  • Free Range Eggs (there is no excuse not to buy free range eggs these days) – I’m good with eggs. We like them poached (and for ease I can genuinely recommend those poach pods you can get in shops)
  • Cheese – It’s cheese. Cheese is amazing. Primarily a nice cheddar but on occasion a selection of others
  • Jam – Despite rarely eating it, I feel I should always have it. I always have jam on my crumpets, and occasionally I’ll have jam with a bit of bread and cheese (try it before you knock it!) I prefer raspberry to strawberry, unless I’m having a creamy tea!
  • Marmalade – Again it’s not that often I have it, but when I have toast, I have marmalade
  • Organic Natural Yoghurt – If I’m having granola or muesli it’s most likely with yoghurt. I’m a fan of the Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt myself, though for flavoured yoghurt I prefer Rachel’s
  • Tonic – For that next gin
  • Vegetables – I prefer to keep things like carrots, parsnips, onions, peppers etc. in the fridge and as we mostly eat vegetarian these are fairly standard
  • I think that’s about it really… Gosh that all sounds very virtuous doesn’t it?! I think we’re pretty good generally and most other common items are flavoured yoghurts, mayonnaise, crème fraîche, sauces, tapenade, soft fruit, other drinks (from cider to chocolate milk) and leftovers!