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E gad this is an uncomfortable one! I am not one to gracefully accept compliments as I really struggle with them myself. I suppose it’s that I find them so hard to believe they actually force me into the mindset that I’m being lied to, which isn’t a great thing to happen.

People who know me well may accuse me of struggling to give them as well which is no doubt true, but at least it shows that if I do ever compliment you I truly mean it! I’m not really big on platitudes you see or saying things for the sake of it so I can at least say that I am honest. Honest to a fault at times, but honest nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong, I also fantasise about being complimented and talked about (not to the degree where you’ll find me daydreaming about it or anything!)… But that doesn’t make me any more comfortable when someone has something nice to say about me.

So instead of trying to think of the greatest compliment I’ve ever received, I’m going to name probably the two most odd things I’ve been complimented on: My eyelashes and my arches (feet).

And there you have it.