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I can’t really think of any traditions I/we have aside from the one that I’m going to write about, which sort of makes me feel like we should have some more. Something to think about at least!

My favourite tradition of ours is Valentine’s Day.

I have always loathed Valentine’s with a passion equalling that of any renaissance poet. If Valentine’s were a small fawn frolicking in a field, I would be the wolf silently stalking it, ready to tear its throat out. If only it were that easy to do away with.

Valentine’s to me represents everything that romance is not and as such Ems and I like to celebrate it in as contrary a fashion as possible. Every year we have been together we have celebrated by ordering a Chinese takeaway and watching a ridiculous throw-back horror B-movie, preferably involving tons of gore, monsters and boobs.

Our starting point was The Lost Boys and from there we have tried to outdo ourselves each year. Next came Lifeforce, which was blissfully ridiculous but on our last attempt we got a bit carried away and ended up watching Eraserhead by David Lynch which was typically Lynch and a bit too unsettling to actually be very enjoyable! As a result we watched Re-Animator to make up for it!

And that’s about it really! Suggestions for films to watch in the future will be greatly appreciated!