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Being a boy, I don’t really go in for the pampering thing in the same way I’d imagine most girls would. Talk of things like eyebrow threading and I just think you’re going to have dreadlocks woven into your eyebrows or something. I’ve never been big on taking long baths or anything like that and there’s not even anything I can think of in order to interpret this brief creatively!

I suppose when I have an evening on my own, I like to pamper myself with alcohol and entertainment. My interest in mixology certainly helps in that respect and entertainment wise I’ll either sit and spend hours paying a game (something I don’t often get to do) or perhaps watch an anime I doubt Ems would have much interest in (something else I don’t often get to do). So, last time I had the chance to do this I spent the evening practicing making Mojitos (a far more difficult cocktail to get right than I first thought!) blogging, and playing Mario Galaxy on the Wii!

And that’s about it really! *shrug*