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Ok so this is a couple of days behind so it’s time for some catch up!

As anyone who has read my blog before I started the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (you know who you are… all 2 of you!) will know, when we left London and all of the fabulous bars therein, I swiftly developed a keen interest in Mixology in order to sate my desire for well mixed drinks. Much as I love Hitchin, it’s very much a pub town and the only places you can go that will approach serving you a half decent cocktail are loud and crowded. Though there is a new bar in town recently opened so I will have to check that out soon!

Anyway I started teaching myself the basics and found that I had a penchant for Martinis. I’m not bad at a Martini if I do say so myself and have published a blog on it already, but since then I’ve experimented with a number of concoctions and all have been pretty successful actually, but one stands out as Ems’ favourite: the Espresso Martini.

Mine has a slight adjustment to the recipe I originally got it from, and it’s pretty easy to make too, so I thought I’d share it with you! First thing’s first though, get those cocktail glasses chilled!!!


Ingredients (makes 2):
2 parts vodka
1 part vanilla flavoured vodka (e.g. Stolichnaya)
3 parts Kahlúa coffee liqueur
4 parts strong black coffee (sweetened to taste)

Mix the vodka, Kahlúa and coffee in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into chilled glasses and serve immediately. You should get a nice foam ‘crema’ on top from all the shaking so it should look something like this:


And there you have it! Enjoy!