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I’m just going to put this out there: I don’t like the human race.

Nope, not very much at all. With the selfish exception of my own impending doom, and that of my loved ones, I would not be particularly put out if it were announced our species was about to become extinct. Like, next week.

As such I have no interest in being environmentally friendly in order to ensure our survival. Now that is not to say that I am not at all environmentally friendly, far from it. I just have no desire to ‘save the planet’ when that phrase is used to mean for ourselves.

The fact is the planet does not need saving and I’m of the opinion that when we’ve done enough damage it’ll just hit the reset button, we’ll be wiped out and it’ll start again. I’ve got no problem with that in terms of people, I just think it’s a little unfair that we’re doing such a job of spoiling it for everyone else in the process.

So… I am ‘green’ in the ways that I am to try to make the world a little less inhospitable to the animals that we share it with, and because I dislike waste. So, I try to save water and energy etc. when I can, I recycle what I can (and make especially sure to cut up the bits of plastic that hold cans together for the little hedgehogs), I walk when I can and I never litter. As an aside I think those who litter should at best be fined huge sums on the spot and at worst euthanised immediately. There is no excuse for littering and if you do it you are scum.

Anyway, another thing we do (which you will know if you’ve already read Ems’ post) is that we only eat Free Range or Organic meat, and sustainable, line caught fish. We do so because quite simply it is better for the animals, and it is better for us.

Now I’m far from perfect and there are probably a lot of things I do that aren’t great for the animals or environment, but I do what I can without making my life suck, which I think is alright. It’s hard not to just think ‘what’s the point?’ when there are people out there burning tyres etc. but hey we can just tell ourselves we’re better than them, and it helps ease the pain.

Just don’t litter, ok?