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Travelling is something I love to do and there are so many places I’d love to see. It would be a far shorter list to name the places I’m not that bothered about going to. I hate the thought that there are so many places I might not get to see in my lifetime, so many wonders and awe inspiring sights. I really don’t want to miss anything! Obviously it’s nigh impossible to see everything but I figure it’s a great thing to try to achieve!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel fairly extensively in my life so far, but there are still whole continents left for me to explore, so there are plenty of places on my list of destinations. It’s almost too much to write about really! Which is sort of ironic given the title of this blog! I suppose I still feel like I did last night… That in order to really do this subject justice I would take a good couple of days writing it! Anyway I will persevere with this post!

So… I’m not going to write about where I’ve been or where I would like to go. I’m going to write about why I love to travel, and why I dream of it still.

I love to travel for the awe of discovery. The feeling that there is nothing else quite like what you are seeing in the whole world. I suppose it’s a very childlike wonder, to be in the presence of something almost incomprehensibly large, old, beautiful or complex.

My first sense of what that would be like came at a young age when I played Tomb Raider for the first time. It may sound funny, but it was a groundbreaking game and back then we weren’t used to huge areas to explore in games. The sense of scale was truly impressive and the moment you first send Lara through that cave and suddenly you’re in the entrance of a chamber with a colossal old statue in the centre, that you knew no one had seen for hundreds if not thousands of years. It was really exciting! That’s what I like to imagine when I travel. I love to think about what it was like for those first western travellers, making their way through the jungles of Cambodia only to come across a sight like this:


Or what it was like to travel the deserts of Jordan, walking through valleys of stone and slowly realising the rocks and cliffs have begun to take on a more uniform shape:

Tomb At Sunset

Or basically to have been Captain Cook…

Ahu Tongariki

Imagine seeing these things in quiet solitary, without coach loads of tourists or peddlers of cheap souvenirs. Without a map. Without having any idea what to expect next. Imagine being part of the group who uncovers more and more of the sights in a new location. Imagine being part of the dig that discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun back in 1922.

For me it’s almost too incredible to comprehend, but that’s how I feel when I travel to these places, because they may now be tourist destinations, but they’re all new to me and truly, truly wondrous.