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I actually have very little to say on this subject, which is good as I’m going to take a little break today. I’m not feeling that well and haven’t actually had an evening free all week so it works out quite well. Still, I’ll write a little something so I can at least say I didn’t totally neglect the blog!

I don’t really have a favourite social media site.

In all honesty I hate Facebook and use it more out of necessity as it has become the standard method for keeping in touch with people, sharing things and organising events etc. at least for my circle of friends.

I’m over my gripe with Twitter for the most part and have done my best to ‘join in’ as it were. However I don’t follow many people and have very few followers myself so I sort of see it as a way of posting little things I can’t be bothered to make my Facebook ‘status’, viewing funny things or keeping in touch with people who may not be on Facebook… I don’t know… I still think it’s a bit weird in a way because of how it works but meh…

I got out of the habit of using Instagram because it crashed my phone a couple of times so I uninstalled it. I’m trying to get back into it, I just keep forgetting. I need to follow more people and friends though too and take more pictures, but I do enjoy it.

Pinterest I totally fell out with once it became saturated with crap. I think the idea is great but the way they’ve executed it is fundamentally flawed. I would often find things I loved, but could never find the original source so it became pointless. I don’t now whether it’s changed in the past year or so but it would take a lot for me to use it again I think.

YouTube I rarely use except when people link to videos of it. Occasionally I’ll go and search for things, usually music related like I’ll look for covers of songs etc. which I really enjoy. Otherwise it’s always fun when you find a meme and can have a good laugh watching videos of it. So to finish I’ll link to a few of my favourites!

Talking Animals

The Original Antoine Dodson
Antoine Dodson Improved

And finally, you got time for this!
Sweet Brown