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Another late one from me I’m afraid as we’ve been so busy this weekend! I’m afraid it’s also going to be a short one I think as I feel like I have quite a lot of sleep to catch up on and am not convinced that I’m going to sleep all that well tonight (the reason for which may end up being a blog post in itself).

I’m also fortunate enough to reside with a wonderful blogger who has already shared our weekend with you over at Under A Glass Sky so there’s very little I can tell you about my weekend that you won’t read there, and with far more images to boot!

As for me, I’ve had a wonderful weekend most certainly helped by the first truly good weather in longer than I can remember! On our way back from walking the dogs this afternoon we remarked that just 6 weeks ago the town was covered in snow! With this in mind I am still distrustful of the weather and will not be packing away my jumpers just yet!

I can go from extremes in the way I like to spend my bank holiday weekends. I would say most often I like to make the most of them by making sure I’m busy (though rarely deciding to travel given the tendency for so many others to have the same idea!) such as this weekend, which involved lots of dog walking, gardening, meeting new members of the clan (definitely more on that soon!), going out for dinner, dealing with a few to-dos, buying things (more on that soon too), having a little photo shoot session, and of course blogging! Apologies for being so cryptic there but I sort of feel like this post will become three times longer if I go into detail on certain things!

Other times I can want to take some time out from the world and play playstation for hours on end (providing I have a good game!) or watch Anime or something. Pretty much veg out and do the lazy sort of things I don’t often have the opportunity to spend a lot of time doing! I can’t deny right now I’m feeling like having a few days of that, so it’s a shame it’s back to work tomorrow!

So there you have it (sort of!). As I’ve said, apologies for the lateness of the past few posts, for the lack of depth of this post in particular and also for not having time today to really read anyone else’s! I’ll try to do a bit of a catch-up in the next few days. It’s actually a pretty busy week for me so we’ll have to see.

Tomorrow may make or break the week so I shall update as best I can.