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Fit and healthy are two things that I am not. Well, perhaps I am reasonably healthy in terms of illness, injury and general well being but I’ve definitely still got a bit of a tum I’d like to be rid of! As for fitness I am definitely not anywhere close! I lead far too sedentary a life being sat infront of a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. To be honest once I get away from the computer I just want to relax and I hate gyms so I won’t be going anywhere near one of those.

Fortunately we’ve got Special Agent Doggy Cooper on the case! On days when I don’t have to work late (late for me means past 4:30 as I start early) Ems and I will walk him in the afternoon which gets me out and active, and of course I join the walks at the weekend too. This weekend in particular has been good as we’ve walked and gardened (which involved a lot of digging!) so I can’t deny I’ve felt quite virtuous in my level of activity these past 2 days!

The problem is my sweet tooth! We’ve been pretty bad over the past few months with pudding type things, and I really do need to try to put a stop to it! Aside from the puddings we generally eat very healthily so I do feel like I could do something about the aforementioned tum if I could control my desires for chocolate, ice cream and cheesecake!

We actually joined Weight Watchers last year for a few months and by the time we ‘quit’ I’d lost a stone, about a third of which I’ve put back on since the end of the year! Even though we know how it works now and what to avoid, what to reduce and what’s classed as ‘free’ on the points system, I have to say that when you’re not actually using the points and keeping track it’s much harder to stay within your limits! I might suggest we try though and start recording what we eat more in order to force us to acknowledge the bad things that we’re yumming up!

I definitely can’t just keep saying “The diet starts tomorrow!”