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I can tell you with relative certainty that today is going to be one of my weakest blogs. The simple fact of the matter is that not only do I hardly ever blog, but I also hardly ever read anyone else’s! I am a selfish blogger, wanting all the attention (not wanting it enough to actually blog you understand!) without taking the time to really read what others contribute to this little blogging universe in the interweb. I know, I’m bad. I also know I’m missing out on a lot of great stuff… But I never feel like I have the time to really sit down and get into it. I think it’s for the same sort of reasons that I find it had to really get into blogging. If I follow someone’s blog I will feel like if I don’t read every word they write, I will ‘lose touch’ and that I will become less and less able to relate to that person, thereby making the whole experience less worthwhile for the both of us. Ridiculous I know and totally illogical… But as near to the truth as I can fathom. If I am also bluntly honest, I have trouble finding blogs that are of more than passing interest to me (how do you ‘search’ for blogs anyway?!) so I guess I never really reached that place where you almost find a like minded community of bloggers. Does that even happen or am I making that up? Do let me know because if I’m chasing the impossible I will try to adapt my criteria!

That said I am truly hoping to find a good few blogs to get into doing this challenge and I am really pleased with how much I’m enjoying it! I will do my best to read as many of the #BEDM blogs as I can, though there now appears to be quite an overwhelming number of us which is great! But also a little… well, overwhelming if you’re planning to try to read them all!

So, to the actual subject: I shall now relate those blogs I have come into contact with and enjoyed.

First is Hyperbole And A Half. I will be surprised if you have never come across anything Allie has created. Some of her ideas and images have spread across the Internet and rightly so because she is a fantastically funny and clever person. If the words “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!” mean anything to you, then Allie is the reason why. She doesn’t seem to blog any more (her last post was at the end of 2011 I think!) which is desperately sad and I very much hope is for positive reasons, but everything on her site is well worth a look.

Second is the blog of my most wonderfully talented, creative and beautiful fiancĂ© Emily: Under A Glass Sky (a great name for a blog I’m sure you’ll agree! Especially as I came up with it!). Emily blogs about lots of things, or ‘stuff’ as she calls it, from recipes, tutorials and ideas, to fashion, thrifting and what we did at the weekend! She always adds lots of lovely pictures to her posts too!

Third is our friend James’ blog Anellida Libris, which you may have been reading already as he is taking part in this very challenge! James has a great writing style and is a thoroughly nice, intelligent and interesting bloke who writes very thoughtful posts, so you should go read his blog now.

Fourth is The Oatmeal. I defy you to never have come cross anything Matt has written or drawn because his is some of the funniest and widely shared stuff I’ve come across on the Internet. Even if you don’t want to read his blog, his comics make for hours of absolutely hilarious reading. If you’ve never heard of him, you can thank me later.

Fifth and final is… A blog I have literally only just discovered! My SIL (Sister In Law) Vera appears to have a blog called Say Cheese! Which I can’t believe I didn’t know about until just now! (She was kind enough to read and comment on Cooper’s post yesterday which is how I found out she was on word press!) Naughty Vera for not telling me about it, but I’ve just had a look at a few posts and have read some highly amusing haikus so why don’t you take a look?!

So there you have it! Impressed that I actually managed to fulfil the brief of this post! Until tomorrow!