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Hi everyone! Special Agent Doggy Cooper here! Most people just call me Cooper for short though. Or Coops. Or come to think of it Boops, Boopings, Bops and Coop Le Boop to name a few! I don’t really know why they call me so many things but I’m happy to come so long as there’s a nice treat or a soft place to lie down in it for me!

Anyway Dad asked me whether I would like to write a post on his blog and of course I said yes as I’m always happy to meet new people, make new friends and get more attention and/or treats! I am quite starved of both you see… So he said I should write about my typical day because he says his days are usually quite dull, sat in his office staring at that screen for hours. Poor thing he should take more naps like me. He says he can’t though because “naps don’t pay the bills” or something. I don’t know I got distracted when he started scratching me behind the ear… I do love a good scratch! And a good stretch! My legs are so long I’m constantly stretching one way or another and I’m so good at it Mum says I should be a yoga instructor!

Oh right yes, my typical day… Ok so here it is! A Day in the Life of me! Special Agent Doggy Cooper!

My day usually starts after a nice sleep, a few shuffles on my bed and a nice stretch! After a while either Mum or Dad comes out and says good morning to me. Well to be fair I usually get a nice fuss with lots of kisses but that’s how it should be no? Anyway they sleep in the room with the huuuuuge soft bed that I’m not allowed on 😦 and no matter how many times I sneak in and lie on that big soft bed, no matter how many times I try to tell them how much I like it they always tell me to get out! It’s so not fair. Still I always try the door just in case they’ve left it open for me…

Soon after that it’s time for my morning walk! I usually go out with Mum as Dad starts work so early, but sometimes I get to walk with Grandma Liz and her two dogs, Auntie Piper and Uncle Newton! They’ve been really nice accepting me into the family and I love walking with those guys so much! Either way we often meet friends along the way and if the weather is nice I have such a fun time! I hate it when it rains though, or when it’s cold and I have to wear my coat… I’d rather be back at home sleeping when it’s like that.

When we get home it’s time for breakfast which Mum makes for me. I usually have a dry fish and rice mix (I prefer the meaty food really but Mum says this stuff helps keep my coat nice, and makes sure I stay incredibly good looking). I’m not sure what it’s called but I think I once heard Dad refer to it as “how bloody much?!” or something. Anyway I’m so starved it never really feels like enough so it’s a good thing I’m kept topped up with biscuits throughout the day! After breakfast I usually have a fairly set routine of sleeping, stretching, napping, scratching, dozing, stretching and catching up on my beauty sleep (sometimes I have to check in the mirror to make sure I’m getting enough of the latter!) but occasionally I’m interrupted by moments where I have to kill my toy ferret as quickly as possible! He’s a crafty one that! Do you ever have moments like that?

On some days we all go out at lunch time around the market and I’m often approached by people who think I’m a girl! They all think I’m incredibly good looking though so I guess that ‘how bloody much’ really works! When I’m not getting attention I’m making sure the market is kept clean and tidy by snapping up anything edible that may have been dropped! I like to do my civic duty!

The afternoons usually allow for me to snooze, stretch, nap, scratch, doze and stretch some more in preparation for my afternoon walk! Usually this is with both Mum and Dad so we get to go out as a family (and again sometimes with Grandma Liz, Auntie Pi and Uncle Newt!) which is lots of fun. Then it’s back home for dinner, which is pretty much the same as breakfast and helps me keep that extra bit incredibly good looking!

Later on we all retire to the living room where I like to show my appreciation by taking up as much of the sofa space as possible! I do so love sofa time and often enjoy it upside down or folded in half and sometimes Mum and Dad go on about how I’ve got so many legs! I don’t really know what they’re talking about sometimes. I mean I’ve got four legs obviously! Just because I’m able to stretch them out, tie them up and stick them in any direction at impossible angles doesn’t mean they multiply! Silly.

After it gets dark they let me out into the garden for one last penny before it’s bed time. And let me tell you bed time is definitely my favourite time of the day! You want to know why? Well at bed time I always run upstairs and lie down on my bed even before anyone asks because I just can’t wait! I can’t wait to get my CHOMPING CHEW! OMG I love them so much!!! Chomping chomping chomping chew! So tasty in my mouth! Sometimes I forget the chew part and end up coughing a bit but it’s only because it tastes sooooo good! Mmmmmm chomping chew…

Sorry… I got distracted there. So umm where was I? Oh right bed time! So yeah Mum and Dad get ready for bed then just before lights out I get another little bit of chomping chew just to settle me down before sleeps.

And that is a fairly typical day for me! Sometimes I hear Mum and Dad say “Oh to be a dog in this house…” But I really don’t see what they mean. I’m sure this is how it’s meant to be!

Finally, I thought you would all enjoy a picture of me doing my best human smile! Enjoy!