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It’s been a bit of an eventful day today starting with some pretty bad news if I’m honest so much of the morning was spent somewhat distracted. I then had to catch up with work and right after that we popped out to vote, then to the shops before returning home for a lazy dinner of pizza and chips in front of the telly. And now it’s 9pm so I’d better get this blog done!

Today’s subject is Spring.
What is your favourite thing about Spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?

With regards to this Spring in particular those are two very different questions! Growing up in a lovely old house with a glorious garden, trees and birds, and plenty of pets (specifically dogs) I would say that my favourite thing about Spring is good old nature. Witten of course from the rose-tinted perspective of a model Spring… Walking the dogs becomes a delight again. The burst of colour as leaves and blossom appear on trees, flowers begin to bloom and the sun shows itself on a more regular basis all without becoming insufferably hot. Rabbits are out nibbling on grass or busy making more rabbits, as are many other wonderful creatures, the birds begin to sing their songs and the world seems full of life. The days grow longer and the prospect of spending every hour of daylight at work is quickly forgotten, as though such an idea were preposterous. It gives you the feeling that things will just keep getting better, brighter and more colourful.

That is of course how I would like to think of Spring, but I’m afraid 2013 has really done a fair bit of damage to its reputation! In answer to the second question then, I would have to say pretty much bugger all! I have only in the last 2 days even begun to consider that I might be able to feel like it is no longer Winter, and that is purely down to the sunshine and greenery now appearing because actually it’s still been pretty cold when you’re not in direct sunlight! So I guess as long as this continues I plan to enjoy it by buying a barbecue and some garden furniture and actually spending some time outside without 7 layers of clothing on! I’ve also just bought myself a new lens for my camera so with luck I will be out and about more often with my camera, improving my skills and getting a few nice shots to share with you all! Fingers crossed!