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So tomorrow is the day when I start treating this thing like a blog again! I’m actually getting quite excited about it now which is no doubt the whole point! The thought of actually enjoying blogging is really making me feel enthusiastic about it. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy writing the blogs I’ve written, it’s more that I’ve always taken it too seriously and tried too had, and worst of all second guessed myself on every topic I’d considered writing about. This way though it’s not up to me so I don’t have to think about it. Hopefully that will get me out of the habit of obsessively self critiquing and censoring.

The danger now though is that I will over think the subjects I’m given, try too hard to make them perfect and thus risk losing momentum. Take tomorrow’s subject for example: 5 lines. Being me, I am at risk of genuinely trying to sum up every aspect of my character within 5 lines, only to inevitably fail and be unhappy with the result. Is it even possible to sum up one’s entire being in 5 lines? Probably not, but I know I risk wanting so hard to achieve such a thing that I will spoil the experience of simply doing my best, and sharing the results. Once again though hopefully this challenge will get me out of the mindset that if it isn’t utterly perfect it’s not worth posting, because anything is better than nothing.

Perhaps I’ll make that my motto for May.