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Where to begin?!

I have no idea why I’ve not written anything for so very long, yet again. I can’t exactly say I got out of the habit given that if I had a habit, it would consist of quarterly posts, so I guess it’s been more down to forgetting I even had a blog?! I don’t know. I’ve kept up the mixology and all that stuff, and been doing lots of nice things and going to nice places… I’ve just not even thought about writing about them. But then I guess I’ve never written much about me or what I do rather than about things I’ve thought about or my take on something else. I was reading through some of my posts earlier and cringed every time I mentioned blogging more! Clearly I jinxed myself.

I have however decided to do something about it, which is what I’m writing this for… I have decided to take on the blog every day in may challenge from Elizabeth at Rosalilium.

I’ll look up more details shortly just in case I’ve missed anything and there’s something more I need to do before getting started! I can’t believe May is only two days away! Mostly because I still need the heating on in my office most of the time!

So let’s see what the first blog post is going to be about… ‘5 Lines
Introduce yourself or sum yourself up in just 5 lines. Include a photograph that you are proud of.

Now that sounds like a nice lead in! Wish me luck!