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Well hello there stranger! How have you been?

Now now… I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: ‘Here we go again… it’s been ages since the last blog post and no doubt by now he’s found some other thing to occupy his infinitesimally short attention span and he’s here to tell me all about it like it’s his new raison d’être  I was up for the Mixology I was. I was looking forward to hearing more about it and now he’s gotten bored and is going to start telling me about some new hobby, like collecting rainbows or something, and he’s going to have to start his relationship with me, the reader, all over again.’ Or perhaps something slightly less specific…

But you’d be wrong! I’m not collecting rainbows at all! Ha!

I am indeed still drinking booze and trying to learn more about mixology… I’ve just been as crap as I’ve always been in writing about it, or anything else.

I had actually planned to blog a few days ago, but spent a good day and a bit suffering from a headache. The first day I was out and about, then feeling really rough, and the second day I had a whirlwind romance with two little pills called Syndol and spent the day feeling like I was swimming through treacle, but in a good-ish way. So yes instead of blog I… well I can’t actually remember what I did all day which just goes to show that writing could well have been a futile endeavour. Either that or I’d have come up with a real whopper of a post that could have been great fun for budding psychologists or dream analysts.

All that said I think it better not to make this blog entirely about mixology simply because I don’t want to limit myself to a certain topic thereby restricting my blogging. I’m not really making any new year resolutions, but if I did I would resolve to blog more, and limiting yourself to one topic is not conducive to such a thing. All I can say is that I shall try to write more, as ever, and will vow not to beat myself up for not blogging which only puts me off even more. If you’ve read the majority of my posts you’ll probably have noticed that I get ideas for the blog and refuse to deviate from my new found ‘style’ only to fail my own expectations for such a blog and not write anything anyway, so I start all over again with something else. Oh the perils of being a lazy perfectionist!

The truth is of course that I will never have a ‘successful blog’ if I don’t write lots and lots, and in order to write good blog posts I need to actually write blog posts. More importantly even than that is probably that I need to accept than not every post I write is going to be a masterpiece worthy of space in TIME magazine. In fact it’s highly unlikely any of them will (stupid TIME magazine…) so I should probably just get on with it and enjoy it rather than obsess over not having the greatest blog in the world.

Welcome to my mind.