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Two posts in two days! I’m fairly certain my previous record was two posts in a quarter so this is certainy of an improvement!

Last night I fired off a quick post about… well in my mind it was essentiually a blog post about the fact that I don’t actually write any blog posts, so today I have been somewhat bemused (in a good way of course) by the fact that since last night I’ve gained a few followers and had half a dozen likes on that post. So, my thanks to those who have visited my little blog in the past 24 hours!

So I said I would try to write more often about anything that occurred to me, and what better to write about than my as-of-today change in lifestyle!

Today I moved out of The City! London, Londinium…. nah, that’s just shit…

Right now I’m sat in my parent’s house about to go to bed after an absolutely exhausting weekend of packing, working on Ems’ stall at the Designers Makers Market at Old Spitalfields Market yesterday and packing the whole rest of the time, before travelling here to Hitchin on the train this afternoon. The house we’re moving to is actually just 3 minutes walk away from the folks’ (though I would like to make it clear that the proximity is coincidence and that I will not be constantly calling on my Mummy to straighten my dickie bow!) and a mere 1 minute walk to the historic market I grew up with and love so much, and if I weren’t so shattered I would attempt to convey my excitement with a touch more gusto than to say ‘I’m so excited!’

I shall of course, in my new found blogging ways, tell you more about my time in London and our new home of Hitchin. I like to think our settling in to the new house will actually give me plenty of things to write about, though of course all the images I have floating in my head of our life-to-be there are conveniently sans a full-time job which will no doubt do its darndest to get in the way of things. However the job pays the rent and bills so I can’t really repudiate it quite so hastily. There’s also the fact that it is mid September and by the time we are settled I’m unlilkely to be sat in our kitchen drinking coffee at 8am with the kind of sulight only found in a Super 8 film streaming through the window, but what’s amazing is that it’s the kind of house where you feel like that might just be possible! It’s going to be a heck of a day tomorrow with me having to work and Emily having to oversee the move proper, but it’s essentially what she’s a professional at so I know she’ll be able to pull it off. In summary, it’s going to be amazing!

More as it comes I think. I’m not going to obsess over providing all the details in chronological order (an obsession which has blighted my use of Flickr no end and which must stop if I am ever to get all of my photos online) so I will write about what I want to write about, when I want to write about it. Except I’ll try really hard to actually write about it!

Now though to sleep, and wish me luck in not being an absolute distracted wreck all day tomorrow!