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Right so here I am back again after how many weeks saying that I would start to write something each day about good and bad etc. etc.?! Well obviously I’ve utterly failed to keep up with it… but I do have an excuse.

I’m lazy.

Well, I’m not *lazy* in so many senses of the word, I’m just really bad at sticking to some things, and it seems writing this blog is one of them. In fairness to me it’s not as though I’ve spent loads of time on my computer and not written it. I’ve actually spent very little time online over the past few months and especially in the last few weeks since we decided to move. We’ve really been cramming things in to our last few weeks in London (though we’re only moving half an hour out of London by train) so I’ve really not been on my computer much at all.

Another reason I haven’t kept up with the new blogging thing is because I realised I’d foolishly set down rules for myself, which was a mistake. The reason it was a mistake was because I’m a perfectionist, so each time I did think to write a post, I would scrutinize my ideas for that post so severely that I would end up not writing it. For example I’d said I would write about one good and one bad thing I had experienced each day. This to me was a rule and I don’t like breaking rules, so if I had a day where genuinely nothing ‘bad’ happened, I would feel that I couldn’t write a post without it including what I said it would, so I wouldn’t. What I should just say is that I will try to write more often about *anything* until I find something that seems to work for me, then build on that until I have something resembling a blog worth reading.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to try to write more often about absolutely anything that occurs to me. I’ll start ‘sharing’ and hopefully I’ll find my feet.

Right now though I’m going to bed as it’s been a busy day. I exect I shall have some free time tomorrow, so I shall try to come back here and write something. I’ll try a bit harder than usual too!

Until then…