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So seeing as I’ve not blogged in such a very long time I thought I should perhaps give this whole thing a rethink. You could say that I haven’t blogged because I’ve had nothing major to gripe about and I think for the most part that would be true. I thought the Olympics might provide me with enough bile to write a new post, but I can honestly say that I am pleased to have been so wrong about it not being the disaster I had predicted. I even watched some of it! *does the mobot*

So what now? Well I thought I’d try to write little and often and also try to force myself to inject some positivity, so for now I thought I’d start a little review blog of 2 things I consume each day; one good and one bad. By consume I mean anything experienced commercially as a member of western society (for ours is a consumer culture) from food and drink to clothing and electronics to experiences as a customer. I have no idea how its going to go. We’ll see…

So without further ado I give you the good and the bad of Sunday 12th August (because that’s when I actually wrote this!)

The Good: Steve, our ‘on board ticket stamper’ (the 18:15 East Coast service from Leeds to Kings X)

It began with his entrance to our carriage and the announcement: “All tickets, passes, railcards, bribes and excuses please.” Before telling me to “Beam me up Scotty” upon scanning our e-tickets. Good natured Steve clearly felt no need for a fancy job title, instead referring to himself over the tannoy as our ‘on board ticket stamper’ and asking everyone departing the train at the next stop to “remember to take all your personal belongings with you. Especially the noisy little ones.” Nice one Steve!

The Bad: Camden Food Co. Small White Americano.

As I fancied a coffee before boarding our train back to London I had a choice between Caffe Ritazza and Camden Food Co. and seeing as I’ve enjoyed their granola with yoghurt and their coffee is organic fairtrade, I opted for the latter. I’ve gone off both the big chain coffee shops* and large coffees** so I ordered a small white americano for £2. A few minutes later when we were on board and it was cool enough to drink, I took my first sip. It was bloody terrible. Now I’m not sure I know enough about coffee to be able to tell you exactly why it was so bad, it could be that the water was too hot and scorched the coffee, or it could just be terrible coffee, but the taste instantly transported me back to a little town hall filled with jumble sale stalls and little old ladies selling polystyrene cups of coffee from an enormous flask for 20p a time. We’ve all had one, that god-awful cup you only tolerate because you know your 20p is going toward the new roof and you need something to wash down the piece of dry lemon cake you’ve just bought from Doris after winning an old barbie doll on the tombola. The cup you drink whilst asking yourself ‘Why didn’t I get the tea? Old ladies are famed for their tea brewing skills. It must be better than this!’ Well this was on par with that cup. Shame on you Camden Food Co.!

So there you go, my first mini review blog. I’ll try to keep it up until I get bored, change my mind if have a better idea I guess!

*Question: would you regard either of these in the same way as Costa or Nero etc.? I used to only boycott Starbucks on the basis that I believed they were in fact part of a hostile takeover of the world as we know it, especially as they took over an independent tea and coffee shop in my home town centre. However I eventually came to realise that they all in fact all as bad as each other and more and more of them are turning into crèches, which I can do wihout too.

**I’ve become so accustomed to the great coffee we make at home that I now much prefer a small but excellent cup to a large but okay at best one. I also figure they don’t really put any more actual coffee in, just water and/or milk. This is actually an impressive feat for me as value for money is a big thing of mine!