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It’s been a whole heck of a long while since I last wrote anything and there are a whole bunch of reasons for that. The most convenient would be that at the beginning of December my girlfriend and I moved into a flat together. Since then we have mostly been cleaning it, although we are now finally at the stage where we can enjoy guests so there are only a couple of things left to be done. So that was the main reason, along with work and watching copious amounts of 24 and The Good Life which somehow I managed not to mix up in my dreams. Now that would have made an interesting post.

Which brings me to the next reason I’ve not written much recently.

I’ve just not felt like I’ve had anything worth writing. I felt like I lost my way a bit with the last one and let ill thought out rantings get the better of me. That and I didn’t want every single one of my posts to be a moaning rant about something. I’m sure 99.9% of them will be in the end no matter how hard I try, but I had certainly begun to question whether I had anything else but bile to share!

And so, here I am back again and life has changed somewhat. I am now a Londoner *shudder* though enjoying it greatly. It still feels like something has to happen before I feel completely settled in though. Perhaps our long overdue housewarming? Perhaps for the flat to be finally sorted? I have no idea, I just know that I feel like I’m waiting for something. Possibly it is a bit of sunlight. I guess that’s the thing about moving somewhere in the winter; most of my daylight hours are spent in an office in another town. I’ll get there though I have no doubt!

Anyway I thought it was about time I wrote something, and to explain why I’ve written nothing for so long. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things and find a little inspiration.

Fingers crossed.