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Not long ago I posted the following tweet to the world. I say world, I actually mean the relatively miniscule 28 people who follow me. I say follow me, I actually mean 28 people, some of whom read what I tweet… Anyway here it is:

I believe there are 2 kinds of twitter users: ‘I think, therefore I tweet.’ and ‘I tweet, therefore I am.’ It’s best not to be the 2nd kind.

It’s fairly clear what I meant and I do indeed still believe it. A biting commentary (oh so biting!) on the need of some (many?) to validate their existence by inundating the world with constant little reminders that they do in fact exist, and please won’t someone (everyone?) acknowledge them, even if all they’re doing is eating a bowl of cereal.

Perhaps I am too harsh. I know I am. Some people are genuinely addicted to tweeting every little thing that they do, while others may have followers who are genuinely addicted to reading about every little thing that they do. It doesn’t make their existence any less meaningful. I guess.

And besides, here I am with a blog I have no real reason for keeping aside from the very fact that I just want to write things, and for people to read them. Ok, for them to read and tell me I’m wonderful.

I never said I was any better than the people I bemoan.

That said I have not created this blog to write about myself, I have created it to write about things. Sometimes they will be things that happen to me, or things that I notice. Sometimes they will be seemingly irrelevant things that pop into my head and on which I may ruminate. Sometimes they will be things that make me laugh and sometimes they will be things that piss me off. Most likely they will be things that piss me off. In my own way though, I will simply be trying to write an amusing take on the world I inhabit as a self-loathing narcissist.

Now I couldn’t finish my first post without using some kind of oxymoron could I?! It’s how these things are done!